What is your company history ?

The CatCam project started in 2007, soon after realizing increased customer demand the company Perthold Engineering LLC was founded in South Carolina, USA. Commercial operations have taken over by Catnip Technologies Limited in 2010 to simplify international business and enable larger projects which require higher investment costs.

Who is Mr. Lee ?

Mr. Lee is the cat who became famous with the pictures taken by the CatCam. For the story visit the CatCam project Site.

Where does my order ship from ?

We ship from USA. Bulk orders may ship from Asia.

Are taxes included in the prices listed in the online shop ?

No, all prices are without tax. You may need to pay tax when importing goods to your country.

When do orders ship after payment is done?

We ship once a week in low peak season. Items that show production lead times are build on order and ship after production is finished.

What are the shipping costs ?

Shipping costs depend on weight and shipping location, shipping costs are listed before you finalize the order.

How long does shipping take ?

Most locations in the USA will take less than 1 week. Europe and Asia take about 2 weeks with regular mail and 1 week with Express mail.

Can I return items ?

Yes, you can return unused items within 2 weeks after reception. You need to cover return shipping costs. Shipping costs and handling fees (3%) are deducted from the refund amount. We have return addresses in USA and Europe to reduce your shipping costs.

What to do in case of defect items ?

We offer replacement or repair if the defect was not caused by improper use. Improper use for example is if a water tight device was not sealed properly. Semiconductors and electronic modules that are not a final customer product (like GPS antennas, video transmitter modules, etc.) are generally excluded from defect replacement.

Are your devices safe to use ?

Yes, we have for all items CE certification and FCC engineering assessments. We perform also extended field tests before releasing products to customers. Please observe the safety notes in the product manuals.
No animal has been killed so far because of our devices (sold 5000+ GPS systems and pet cameras).
Our products are generally compliant with RoHS with exceptions (like critical monitoring applications and customer specific solutions).

How about technical support ?

We offer free technical support for all of our products. Please use the support email listed under "contact".

What is your privacy notice ?

For ordering we do not collect personal information other than name, e-mail and shipping address. Payment processing partners like Paypal, Goggle Wallet or others may collect more data from you but this does not fall in our responsibility. We do not give away data collected from you unless required by law. We may send you from time to time emails with information about products you purchased (like notes about user manual updates) or about new products. Our shop system will place cookies on your system. If your browser is set up to reject cookies you may need to use the simplified order system.

Copyright notice:

All material (text, images, video, manuals, etc.) shown on our pages is copyright protected. Some pages may contain material from other copyright owners which are not explicitly listed. Before you use material from our pages please ask for permission. If protected material from other owners is affected we will forward your request to the original owner.

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